There is a lot of confusion around what is necessary, what is available and what our options are. Unfortunately most of us don’t become aware of the decisions we need to make until we’re sitting in the funeral home following the death of a loved one. While grieving we’re not positioned for making decisions that will have a lasting impact on a lot of people.

We know people are looking for end of life planning options and there are products and services available. The rise of funeral insurance products in Australia demonstrates a market appetite for solutions but, insurance is a product designed to protect against something that “may” happen, why are we being offered it for something that “definitely will” happen?


Research shows that people want to talk about it and in our experience everyone has things they want to know.

Unfortunately it is still a bit of a taboo topic, even between families at home.

For a lot of people this is a self driven journey right though discovery to acquire, one which any confusion compounds the negative emotions and often results in abandonment leaving residual stress and worry.

Why can’t it just be simple and straight forward for all?

Technology should be simple, easy and accessible.

We also know that for many this is a self driven journey from discovery through acquire, one which any complication compounds the negative emotions around thinking about death and dying. but they’re often confusing which isn’t suitable for a very private process that we should be able to do alone, it must be simple and straight forward for all.


We can’t remove all of the complexity but we can move it.


We’re focusing on:

* Funeral planning

* Cem & Crem rights

* Wills & power of attorney

* Advanced Care Directives

* Memorials

* Advice

* Tools




Plan, purchase or simply capture preferences for anything to do with end of life products and services from coffin selection to burial plots.


Cemetery and crematorium rights

Wills & POA


Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives are all covered under consistent & user friendly forms with the added support of human review and advice where required.



Basic planning through to full pre-purchasing of funeral services.

Personal information & wishes


Secure storage of all user information with access available to specific people at the time of need.


Legal advice


Easy access to all end of life products & services in one location

  • Funeral planning
  • Cem & Crem rights
  • Wills & power of attorney
  • Advanced Care Directive
  • Memorial requests
  • Post death wishes
  • Advice
  • Tools & templates
  • Single check-out purchase options


Get involved

We’re always looking for new ways to support our customers, if you’re a business providing products or services aligned to end of life planning let’s start a conversation.