How can we use technology to alleviate the
grief of loosing someone?

Our skills in service and technology design helps our goal to create a full service allowing family and loves ones the option to be together at their time of need and avoid the stressful process of making difficult decisions required by funeral directors while suffering the grief and often shock, of loosing someone.

We run continuous research, design and learn loops to inform the best way to deliver a full service offering that makes it as easy as possible for people to access products, services and tools that can help avoid unnecessary stress suffered for anyone planning for end of life.



Providing customers with different levels of control over their funeral plans. while others know how difficult it is when left for someone else to worry about while their grieving.

  1. Personal information storage - all the details a funeral director needs.

  2. Preplanning - building on storing personal details, this level of detail covers all the key wishes for a funeral.

  3. Prepaying - giving full control to individuals wanting certainty their will be followed with the added guarantee the costs of their funeral won’t burden their family or loved ones in the future.



Purchase of cemetery and crematorium rights.




Online specialist legal advice, to ensure personal wishes are clearly and correctly documented, at affordable prices for all Australians.



Online or physical memorial products and services.


Visit our research site

Visit our research site

User research

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