Product and service design for End of Life Planning in Australia

We have an history in funeral planning combined with experience working in consulting, agency and client side we’re turning our skills in digital and service design to end of life planning (EOLP).

We want to remove any unnecessary stress, confusion and worry by simplifying planning and acquisition of end of life planning (EOLP) products and services across Australia.



EOLP is the act of putting plans in place that will inform your family, medical professionals, funeral directors and legal representatives what your wishes are when you can’t speak for yourself.


End of Life Planning (EOLP) is a blanket term that covers:

  • Advanced Care Directives

  • Memorials

  • Cemetery and crematoria rights

  • Funeral planning

  • Documenting last wishes

  • Wills and Power of Attorney


We all put plans in place for expected life events and many of us would like to have some input, or even take full control, of what happens at the end of our life.

This can be from specifying what medical treatment we want following a critical injury or illness, a terminal diagnosis or the natural end of our life, right through to choosing our coffin and requesting the flowers be donated to a local nursing home.



Because they want control over what happens when they aren’t able to give directions themselves.

A lot of people think about what will happen when they die, some more than others and for many different reasons. Death and dying is something we don’t deal with often and rarely on a social level contributing to very low awareness of exactly what’s necessary, what’s available and the many options available. Most people don’t become aware of what is involved until they’re sitting with a funeral director following the death of a loved one.

When we ask people why they seek out EOLP products and services, the most frequent reasons given are:

  • Reduce the burden on family and loved ones

  • Have certainty that what we want hidden today will be found after we die

  • Avoid costs and delays associated with executing an estate

  • Remove the guilt often associated with decisions made at a time of emotional stress

  • Control the rising costs associated with funerals

Whatever our individual wishes are, findings ways to take control is difficult to navigate and one often done without our traditional support network of friends and family.


WE think ABOUT It, we just don’t talk about it

Our research shows us people want to talk about it and in our experience there are a lot of questions and misunderstandings our there.

Unfortunately it is still a bit of a taboo topic, even between families at home. Therefore for a lot of people this is a self driven journey from discovery through acquisition and one which any confusion compounds the negative emotions and often results in abandonment leaving residual stress and worry.

We believe it can be simple and straight forward for all.



We’re listening to consumers and industry to improve how we research and acquire end of life planning products and services.

By talking to consumers we identify triggers of stress, worry and regret that surrounds death and dying and look for ways to minimise or avoid these through design improvements to products and services.

This is a large industry with multiple touch points, many that consumers are not even aware of until times of tragedy when their impact lasts a life time in the memories of loved ones.

We work with local government, medical professionals, private business and consumers to understand all perspectives, opportunities and limitations.

We know people are looking for end of life planning options and there are products and services available however the rise of funeral insurance products in Australia demonstrates a market appetite for solutions. But insurance is a product designed to protect against something that “may” happen, why are we drawn to an insurance product for something that “definitely will” happen?


Our views and behaviour are part culture, part awareness & part industry set up.

Through our research and design work we want to change the way we approach death and dying.




While grieving, people are much less equiped to deal with surprises and unknowns. Our work brings together all areas of planning for end of life to avoid the unnecessary or unexpected when it matters most.


Our work covers:

* Funeral planning

* Cem & Crem rights

* Wills & power of attorney

* Advanced Care Directives

* Memorials

* Advice

* Tools





By mapping customer journeys, conducting customer & desk based research we can understand user goals, behaviours and attitudes.

The more we talk with and observe our customers the better able we are to map what they’re trying to achieve and how current methods support them.

Identifying friction points, barriers to use and opportunities for improvement will benefit customers as well as product & service providers.



Want to contribute to changing how we approach death and dying in Australia?

We’re always looking for new ways to support our customers, if you’re a business providing products or services aligned to end of life planning for consumers let’s start a conversation.

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